Registry Cleanup

Download and Run a CCleaner - registry cleanup

Just want to registry cleanup and maximize your PC? You've probably heard of CCleaner - registry cleanup, arguably the world's best tool for performing the job. It clears out internet temporary files, Windows registry , remove browser histories, or anything else. The big news in CCleaner - registry cleanup is a local 64-bit version used with like models of Windows. 

Run Disk Cleanup

Windows includes a built-in disk de-cluttering software: Disk Cleanup. This checks your system for undue larger files such as software installers, temporary Internet files, log files and more. On my system, the largest number of data definitely was used up by Temporary File 2,5 GB that could imply the variance between a sluggish and a peppy personal computer. The folks behind the PC Tune-Up utilities have posted a good situation for hard disk space affecting performance.

Run Disk Cleanup

The Disk Cleanup utility cleans unneeded files to free up space on the disk drive of your choosing. To operated Disk Cleanup on a Windows seven PC.

Disable Startup Programs in Windows-10

New windows-10 is a speedy and responsive operating-system, but if you have loads of applications set to start while startup programs in your personal computer, it can bog down the process much.

This is also true if your PC has a traditional hard-disk, but it’s also noticeable if your PC has an SSD. Here’s a look at the best way to disable startup programs making the boot process faster


How To Disable Startup Programs. in Windows-10

The process in Windows-10 virtually similar to how it’s designed in Windows 8, but if you skipped that file version, here’s how to configure startup programs step by step.


1. Right-click on an empty area on the Task-bar and select Task-Manager.

Disable Startup Programs

How To Delete a app - Deleting apps

How to delete a app this tool item possibly will clear off one half of your difficulties right away. Think about it, can you will need that video game that your "kids installed" 2 years ago? Deleting apps you don’t use will free up space on your disc drive, giving your laptop or computer more room to work on.

How to delete a app the simple steps:

1) Click Start, click on “Control Panel” in the Start Menu.

how to delete a app
How to delete a app 

How to delete a app

 How to delete a app 

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